It's the man who knows - Read Walt's wisdom on the hottest Fetish cam sites

A very good evening to you. A polite welcome to this particular area of my exclusive HD cams review site. I am happy that you're interested in this particular niche, as I have spent a lot of my valuable time reviewing the many, many webcam sites you will see both here and all over my extensive site.

If you are here then you are a pervert. Hold on, I don't mean that in a bad way! Not all all. One man's pleasure is another man's perversion, and as long as everyone involved in whatever sexual shenanigans you prefer is a consenting adult, then I personally do not see the harm.

So if you like to drape yourself from head to toe in leather or latex, then this area is for you. If you like to be masturbated to the point of ejaculation solely by a sexy lady's feet, then welcome! If you like to be pissed on, stamped on or have the lit end of cigarettes applied to your scrotum, then let me shake you by the hand - as long as you put that cigarette out first.

All the sites listed below are more than likely to be able to supply whatever sexual thrill takes your fetish fancy, from BDSM to fisting and frottaging. If your kinky mind can think of it, then you can bet your bottom dollar that someone else has thought of it first.

To start you off, why not read a few (or, if you have any sense, all) of my expert fetish cam sites reviews which are listed below. If you want the best, then start at the very top. I guarantee you will be delighted and surprised by the erotic esotericism you are about to discover. I will promise to hang around, and meet up with you towards the bottom of this page.

#1 -

  • Price/Min:$3.00
  • Cams:11000+
  • Views:135030

Explore Bondage, Discipline and Busty Cam Models on

Get those ropes ready and stop by – one of the largest adult webcam sites on the net. Online you will meet thousands of fetish webcam hotties that want to help you discover new things about yourself. My advice? Let them.


#2 -

  • Price/Min:$1.99
  • Cams:2500+
  • Views:151967

If your needs are uniquely extreme, this is the best place for you

Some times it's hard to be a deviant. Giving all your love to just one site. Well, is one place you don't have to worry about being left out of your particular sexual niche. All sexual fetishes are truly served!


#3 -

  • Price/Min:$2.49
  • Cams:50000+
  • Views:128420
Chat is a well established cam site, delivering high quality feeds of everything from the vanilla to depraved. Read my review to find out exactly what MyCams has to offer.


#4 -

  • Price/Min:$2.40
  • Cams:8000+
  • Views:150784

CamSoda is a new player, but they bring technological innovation to the table. Find out the fetish chat rooms they host. There's tags for a range of S&M activities, discover all that is offered.


#5 -

  • Price/Min:$2.5
  • Cams:8000+
  • Views:122714

Watch Live Fetish Webcam Shows on XLoveFetish

If you enjoy kinky amateur sex videos and naughty sex shows that deal with fetishes, you really need to read my XLoveFetish review. What information does it include? Look inside and see for yourself.


#6 -

  • Price/Min:$2.99
  • Cams:40000+
  • Views:125090

Streamate is an OG webcam live chat site. They haven't changed much, which goes both ways, like a lot of the live BDSM and fetish models they host. Learn the ins and outs with HdCamSites.


See, what did I tell you? I hope you have been pleasantly surprised and somewhat humiliated by what you stumbled upon. It is surprising what people are willing to get up to, and all in the name of x-rated entertainment. It's certainly good news for people like us who love to see sexy cam performers doing whatever your mind can come up with!

I do consider the list above to be THE definitive list of fetish cam sites, but it's not a definitive definitive list, as I shall be adding more sites to it as I go about my HD Webcam ways. I suggest you pop back here on a regular basis to see what extra spiciness has been added to my selection. I am a keen explorer of the darker, sexier side of the world wide web, and if I find anything of interest I'll take my magnifying glass to it and it will make my list if I deem it worthy. Keep checking back here for updates!

You know it makes sense!

And so, I bid you adieu and wish you all the best in your erotic explorations. May your cock be hard, and your orgasms as forceful as a tsunami!

Bye for now!

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