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Well hallo there. It's certainly nice to see you again. I've been doing quite  bit of research for my Hookup.com review, not because this adult dating community was hard to figure out, but because it has so many features and social tools that it's just impossible to get through them all in a couple of visits. Now, it is time for me to share my wisdom with my constantly horny readers and let you know what I think about this website and the hot single women that I found on it.

Hook.com is a large and awfully lively adult dating service where people come to find sex, naughtiness and general entertainment. There are live sex chat rooms and messages and plenty of flirting, but Hookup is also about casual cybersex and chatting and fun competitions that allow anyone to shine. Want to hear more? I bet you do. View my complete Hookup.com review, right now.

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My considered thoughts

It didn't take me long to realize that Hookup.com has a lot to offer. First of all, there are a lot of sexy singles online – some are broadcasting their own live sex cams, some just showing off, some messaging and some just hanging out the forums. Then there are the camgirls – stunning, tasty beauties that are ready to do anything you ask – and some things you wouldn’t even consider asking because you didn’t imagine were possible. Then there are the many social activities – the message boards, the blogs, the sex academy, the contests the Top Fan programs and much more. It could be a tad overwhelming for first time visitors, but brace yourself and get through the initial confusion because this website is totally worth it.

Hookup.com's singles waiting for you online

I love the fact that Hookup has something for anyone. If you're after cybersex, there's plenty to be found. If you're only into chatting via emails or private messages, there's no problem. Prefer to schedule an actual sex date with a naughty single? Just take your pick. You can do quite a bit of looking around before you upgrade your membership, and I advise you use this time to go through the upper navigation bar and try the different sections. You can't access everything as a free member, but you can get a good idea of your options and it'll help you understand why you really ought to become a paying member.

Anything else?

On top of the variety of social features, which I have mentioned earlier in this Hookup.com review, members can enjoy wonderfully sensual member galleries featuring clips and photos, can watch adult movies and even vote for Hot or Not in a fun online game. The sex academy offers information and live courses with sexy experts and there are the Blings, which are adorable icons that members use to express themselves. You can design your own bling by the way and actually now that I think about it, some members have created some that I would describe as more vulgar than adorable

Becoming a member

Don't be intimidated by the long list of questions that Hookup features because really, you don’t need to cover everything on your first visit. Just fill in your email, choose a user name and password and write some intro sentence that will help other members is getting a taste of your character. If you want other singles to flirt with you and send you sexy suggestions, you will need to make your profile a bit more interesting: Photos, information, likes and dislikes, interests, videos – whatever, but you can do it over time if you don’t feel like handling everything as soon as you register.

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Let's get chatting

You have two main kinds of live sex chat rooms on Hookup.com: The member chats and the camgirl chats. There are a lot of members broadcasting their own web cam feed, and you can do the same actually, if you'd like to get in touch with your inner exhibitionist, and they put on some highly entertaining live sex shows. I hope I don’t need to tell you that not all are amazing – these are amateurs after all, but many are passionate and enthusiastic. The webcam models on the other hand are highly professionals, but you can never be sure if those orgasms are real. However, they usually offer better quality of web cam chats and HD. You will find the chats on the upper navigation bar and simply need to choose and chat. There are also member chat rooms by categories, which you can explore if you feel a bit adventurous.

Chat live on nude webcams

Quality of video

I don’t like repeating myself, but I know some of you are just skimming through, so I'll say it again: The pro camgirls usually have High Definition and the regular members differ depending on the level of web camera they happen to own. Streaming is excellent, There are also recorded videos, which are okay, but not amazing, and adult movies which are incredible, if you like to watch some porn between the chatting and flirting.

Putting your money where your mouth is

There is one special offer that Hookup.com has for new members and that is the 1 month of Gold membership for $20. This is the best opportunity you'll get to check out the paid membership for a much lower price than you'd usually pay – which is usually $29.95. If you already know you like the Gold membership, you can sign up for three month and pay only $59.80 – you will also get an extra month as a bonus. Finally, if you really love Hookup, sign up for a full year. It costs $179.10 and comes with six extra months as a bonus.

IMembership and payments

Ways to pay

Most of the sex dating services I have reviewed are very helpful when it comes to taking your money and Hookup.com is no different. You can pay using your MasterCard, Visa, Discover or Diners and the site also accepts Money Wire and UKash.

How many xxx lovelies?

When I did the research for this Hookup.com review I've visited the site at different times and have encountered anything from 20,000 and 90,000 members online. People who are interested in real adult dating will of course need to limit their results to local singles, which will shrink the number considerably and not all of the members have chat rooms or webcams. You can usually find around 1,000 members and 1,000 webcam girls online, but as I just said: The figure fluctuates according to the day and time.

Single or camgirls? Why bot both?

Help when needed

I like the FAQ page on Hookup and you should spend a couple of minute browsing through it if you are having some difficulty. There is also an online form which you should fill if you have not found the answer you were looking for and when I tried it, I've got a pretty quick reply.

Positives and negatives


✔ - There are a lot of online single women that loves challenges
✔ - The fact that users can choose between camgirls and amateur babes is great
✔ - Members are encouraged to socialize and there is plenty of activities available


✖ - There is no phone number, so you can't contact the site for direct assistance
✖ - With so many live singles, it can take a while to sort them out

Summing it all up

I am not convinced that all of the members on Hookup.com use this site to hook up and I suspect that the vast majority logs on to find sex chats and to enjoy the videos, photos and live sex shows. However, if you are looking for sex dates, there are many babes here that are open to the idea and the site will keep you amused and pleased before, between and after chatting sessions.

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