ULust.com is Not the Best Sex Dating Site Online, but It Has Advantages

ULust.com is Not the Best Sex Dating Site Online, but It Has Advantages

Hi you, what you've been up to? Personally I hope that you've been up to plenty of naughtiness and are now ready for more. If you can’t decide where to enjoy the company of lusty amateurs that like sex and attention, I know of at least one site you could check out and you will read all about it in this ULust.com review. Before I get started let me just be clear: I don’t believe that there is such a thing as the best adult dating site online. I have always thought that different guys are looking for different thing and I believe that people deserve a causal sex dating site that is just perfect for their needs. ULust is a small hookup service, but it has its upsides. What are they? Read on my friend, read on.

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Look at those huge boobs!

My considered thoughts

As soon as I walked into ULust.com – after I filled in the free membership form that is, I knew that I was just going to love this site. It wasn't the design, which is standard, or the features, which didn’t excite me one bit – but the women, oh my, there were so many yummy options that I really didn’t know where to begin. I don’t know how this sex dating arena managed to collect so many amateur hotties but in all honesty, I don’t care. They're there, they're welcoming and they want to have no strings attached sex – that's all I need to know.

Sexy single women on an adult dating site

I've spend quite a bit of time exploring the profiles when I did this ULust review and in many cases it was clear that the babes worked hard to make them appealing, It was very rare to find one without image and often there was plenty of info available. I was overwhelmed by my success rates on this portal. I look average – certainly no Brad Pitt, but the chicks were all responding and communicating and expressing interest in scheduling appointments. This is very rare because too often on adult dating site you send flirts and invitations and never hear back.

Anything else?

Nothing worth mentioning really. I could tell you about the live webcam chat rooms, the photos, the profiles, the two way audio, the porn videos, etc. – but as I am sure you noticed, nothing is groundbreaking. You can rate the sexy single women, follow their tweets and communicate with emoticons. Everything works fine, it's just a bit bland.

Becoming a member

You must be a free member before you can upgrade in this sex dating service and joining takes like a minute at max. Make sure that you use a real email, and not just make something up, but please you guys, don’t use your real name. Once you want to upgrade just hit that Upgrade button (don’t worry, it'll jump in your screen once in a while) and choose the membership you prefer. Choose a payment option, pay and that's it – you're done.

Easy registration to this online dating service

Let's get chatting

I think I've stated this before on this ULust.com review and if not, it's about time I do: This is a matchmaking service, not a live sex cam site and as such the chat rooms are not a major thing. I know that this is difficult to hear for those who enjoy the webcam sex age and believe that chatting is a synonym for dating, but apparently some chicks still prefer the kind of sex that involves touching. Keep in mind that you have to upgrade to paid membership before you can start browsing the chat rooms, but then a simple click will put you in a live chat.

Breathtaking blonde

Quality of video

The quality of the video really has two parts: The streaming, which depends on the platform and the picture quality, which depends on the web cameras. As far as the streaming goes, you have nothing to worry about. ULust has a very good platform and the streaming is just great, assuming that you have a decent internet connection. As far as the web cameras… well, it depends on which chat room your own. Some are splendid, some suck – make sure that you establish in advance which type you're dealing with.

Putting your money where your mouth is

ULust has four possible paid memberships, on top of the free basic one which isn’t bad, but it's not much help if you want to get some. The shortest membership is the trial VIP offer which lasts for three days and costs $8.90. Pretty stiff for three days, so I'm guessing the site doesn't want you to choose that option. Next there is the single month VIP offer which costs $29.95. Then there are two month of Gold membership which cost $49.95 and comes with a bonus month. Three months of Gold cost a total of $69.90 but, wait for it, you get a bonus of three more, so you actually enjoy six month of casual sex. This is the best deal and most certainly best price per month.

Paying for online dating services

Ways to pay

The most common way to pay for services on this website is your credit card or debit card. The site works with all major firms – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Maestro and you're also welcome to use your PayPal account.

How many xxx lovelies?

ULust.com is not the largest or even the second largest adult dating site that you will find, but the hotness of the babes compensate for their relatively low number. You will usually have a few hundreds of babes online, in case you're into live sex chats, and several dozens in your area, if you're into real-life flings.

Lovely women in a state of constant horniness

Help when needed

If you need help, have a question or get stuck, just hot the Help button at the top of every page and you will thereafter have a choice between phone assistance, email assistance and finally a live chat assistance, which I personally prefer because it includes three advantages: It's in real time, you don’t have to hold and you don't need to communicate verbally with anyone.

Positives and negatives


✔- There are a lot of sexy photos and adult movies
✔- The members here are all into no strings attached sex
✔- Women here are just too hot to believe


✖- You can't even browse more than a few profiles before you upgrade
✖- It's not a very large portal

Summing it all up

I wish I could complete this ULust.com review with some clear and concise conclusion like telling you that this is the best adult dating site that I have ever been to or that this is the worst. In all honesty though, ULust deserves neither such criticism nor such praise. It is a nice site, a friendly and certainly a welcoming community and the babes here are real amateurs, look gorgeous and seem to be honestly looking to get some. However, it's not the greatest website or the largest or the most innovative and the free membership is extremely limited, even in sex dating site terms. Luckily, you don’t need to only rely on my expert opinion. I have told you everything you need to hear about this site's prices, tools and quality and now you should go online and simply try it out.

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