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LiveJasmin's credit auctions are currently down. It is now impossible to reach the auction house in the way it was previously done. If I manage to find a workaround, I'll be sure to post an update here. Until then, feel free to check out the cheapest adult webcams.

Good day folks! I am here to bring you the latest news from the live adult webcam industry and today I am carrying a message that is bound to get you excited. There are, after all, many things that could get me excited about live sex cams: A beautiful camgirl, a hot pornstar, a special feature, high-quality streaming – but nothing and I mean NOTHING is as amazing as finding a new discount. Oh please, don’t roll your eyes at me. I am not some cheap-ass schmuck – I just prefer to invest my money wisely and only spend when I have to. Wait, is this the definition of a cheap-ass schmuck? Then maybe that’s what I am. Anyway – I also think that on nude cams this is the only strategy that make sense. After all, you want to be able to enjoy linger sex chats, right? This means that you want to buy cheaper credits so they stretch for longer. On live adult webcams, in case you’re new to this world, naked chats cost a fixed rate per minute, so you need as many credits as you can get for your buck. I hope I made myself clear because seriously, I can’t get any clearer.

So, now we are getting down to the issue that on everyone’s mind: The latest and hottest promotion on Credit auctions. Are you ready to find out the rules of this deal? Fantastic – I can’t wait to tell you.

Visit for the Biggest Savings

How to Access the Auctions at LiveJasmin – It’s Not That Simple

You would have thought that such a splendid promotion will be easily accessible from just about anywhere on this live sex cam site, right? That’s not the case though. It appears as if likes to hide this option, maybe because it makes it feel more special or like some secret club. Luckily for you guys, I am here to explain exactly how to end up bidding. Listen up:

  1. Before you start, make sure that you are not logged in to your LiveJasmin account. Note that in general, it is not a good idea to have your user name and password auto-saved on your computer – it will make denying that the porn is yours more difficult.
  2. Click the Visit link on this page and you will end up on LiveJasmin.
  3. This is the time to click ‘Previous Version’ – a tab located at the top menu. The website will look a bit strange after that, but nothing substantial should change.
  4. Now click ‘My Account’.
  5. Then something strange will happen: You will either end up on an older version page with the credit auction link at the bottom left corner OR you will end up on a newer version page where the auction link appears at the bottom right. Not a huge difference, if you ask me.

That’s it – you’re done. Start bidding, assuming that there’s an auction in process that is. If there isn’t, keep this page in your favorite list and keep checking it once in a while.

What Are LiveJasmin Credit Auctions?

As a member of you have the option of joining credit auctions and bid for credits. I am sure you know how auctions work. It’s no brain science. There is an item on sale. People gather around and examine it, and then the bidding begins. The one to make the highest bid gets the item. On the item is a credit packages. They come in different sizes, which is great, because even when you’re dealing with cheap credits, not everybody wants to purchase 100 at once – or can afford to. Unlike standard auctions which, if I am not mistaken, (I haven’t actually been to a real auction in my life, what am I – a British art collector?) go on for as long as people are willing to raise the bids, every LiveJasmin auction has a clock countdown. The one who makes the highest bid before the countdown ends is the one to get the credits. I don’t want to word “get” to mislead you by any way. This is NOT a gift. You pay for those credits and by bidding you commit to pay the site the exact sum. However, this is very often a substantial discount from the standard cost. The result is a large bundle of extra cheap credits which is exactly the thing that gets me thrilled and pleased on nude webcam sites – not as thrilled as when I watch the live sex shows of course, but I think this goes without saying.

This is a Special Web Cam Promotion, with Special Advantages

People seem to be having a blast on’s credit auctions. I sure did. It’s not that this is some complex plan that requires skill or training. It’s more that it mixes up two things that guy really like: Cheap sexcam credits and a competition. When the bidding begins, everyone gets excited, and the feeling almost oozes into the arena. You see those numbers climb up and the clock going down and you think: I want these credits and I’m gonna have them no matter what! At this point, you should probably take a minute to relax. Please don’t be one of those macho webcam users who end up paying the regular fee – or more than the regular fee, for the credit packages, just so they can be the “winners”. Keep your eyes on the prize: Cheap credits, and don’t worry if you don’t always win the auction. There are many more in the future, and next time, you can emerge as the ultimate champion.

I was pretty impressed by for coming up with this promotion. It seemed like a very simple idea at first, but it’s been going on for quite some time and the site’s users really like it, which is obvious from the number of participants. Of course, for you a low number of opponents is better as far as winning odds go, so you may want to check the auction even in off-peak times. Actually, just check it whenever you have a chance. No reason not to – it’s just a quick peek and you might end up joining an especially successful auction - and paying 30% less on average for your credits.

This is Not Your Only Chance to Save on Live Sex Cams

I hope that I don’t need to tell you that this promotion – which is great, is not your only shot at saving cash on live sex cams. Some of the best webcam sites in the industry have fantastic discounts such as the Happy Hour chat rooms on Sexier, the free pornstar shows on ImLive and even on, users enjoy credit bonuses whenever they purchase one of the bigger credit packages. Pretty cool, right? I don’t know why I keep asking you questions. None of you can answer me right now anyway. What I am saying, really, is that there are loads of options for guys who are chatting on a budget and there is no reason not to take advantage of them. There are always way to cut-back on costs while watching live webcam shows and I hate to see guys paying more than they should. Even the best sexcam sites, with the hottest camgirls and most-professional platform make ways available for their members to enjoy cheaper sex chats. In fact, the best sites are more likely to offer such promotions than the smaller, less successful ones.

I am not expecting you to go through every websites and look for better deals. Just keep your eyes open and you will quickly run into new ways to save money. Also, if you can’t be bothered to do your own research, I point out some of the leading options in my adult webcam reviews as well as offer some great saving tips. If you want to save time as well as cash, just read those – they have all the info you need.

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