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Yea yea, so you are looking for adult webcam sites like LiveJasmin… get in line. I don't know exactly how many guys out there are interested in the same thing, but if I had to evaluate by the number of times I get asked this question by emails, there must be more than anyone can count. I am not surprised of course. LiveJasmin has always been the holy grail of the sexcam industry and it has maintained a place at the top for many years.

This website deals with studio webcam models, not ordinary women who are working from home, meaning viewers enjoy live porn shows of incredible quality, but have to settle for less of a realistic feel. Fuck real, right? The camgirls on this massive portal are breathtaking and they are exactly the kind of chicks that would never even grant you a glance in real life. On XXX webcams though, they will take off their clothes and explore their bodies while you watch and they will play dirty webcam games and even fulfill some fantasies. So, again, I completely understand why so many men want to find other websites that are as hot. Are there any? Take a look at this list and find the best matches.

Discover New Heights of Sex Cam Pleasures on

It's hard to define what webcam users want, exactly, and this is mainly because they want different things. Some men are interested in regular sex chat or even just a flirt that might result in something naughtier, and very often a guy has some specific fantasy that he wants to pursue. There are men that enjoy being dominated by strong, decisive babes that know how to make them beg and crawl and some prefer that the camgirl just do as they say. So, an ideal live webcam portal has to know how to serve different options and cater different needs. It needs to be able to offer variety and still be accessible both to new users and ones that have been chatting for a long time. is that kind of website. It manages to be innovative and welcoming at the same time and it has a splendid choice of horny amateurs and wild webcam fetishes. There is a lot you could do on the live sex shows on this site and a lot you can see, just as long as you pick the right camgirl. keeps things fresh and adventurous and it never fails to surprise and amaze you, even after you've had a few sex chats. This is why I believe it deserves a spot on this list and I am sure that after visiting it you will agree.

ImLive Will Remind You of LiveJasmin in More Ways Than One

I have no doubt that when you enter you will feel as if you recognize some aspects from LiveJasmin. This huge webcam sex community has been entertaining people from all over the world for many years and it's one of the best webcam sites online, hands down. It has the holy trio: A very well-maintained sex chat platform, beautiful women in a variety of styles and cheap nude webcam shows. It also has a bunch of extra treats such as free pornstar shows and the occasional Money Back campaign, but if you want to know more about these special deals and promotions, go to my review and you can find the answers there. All I'm gonna tell you in the live adult webcam industry a site either have the wow factor, o it doesn't, and ImLive undoubtedly serves plenty of wows. You won't just stumble on a good live sex show here once in a while – most of the shows you will watch if not all will be the kind that keeps you warm during cold nights and get you all worked up when it enters your mind during the days. With a splendid combination of skill and understanding, ImLive gives you what you need and the best part is that it gives you things that you never even imagined that could have. Has an Advanced Sex Chat Platform

I've been reviewing adult web cam sites for quite a few years now. So many in fact, that I am not going to give you an exact number, not because I am embarrassed of my ample experience, but simply because it makes me feel fucking old. Nevertheless, I am full of useful, fun information about how the leading webcam chat services in the industry have evolved and developed over the years and is certainly one of the biggest names in the XXX cam world. has an amazing video chat platform. The site looks incredible and it's clear that it is planned and designed by professionals. This, however, was not always the case. In the past I remember that I used to give this site a hard time for looking very amateur, and rightfully so. The camgirls were sexy, they always were, but the web cams were pretty lousy and the image quality was fairly low. I used this website when I felt like chatting with horny amateurs that don’t mind exploring and I have enjoyed some memorable chats, but it was only after the site invested time, and I assume also cash, in transforming itself to a flashy, high-quality nude chat portal that it really made it to the top level, and this is the main reason why I include it in this list.

Streamate Wants to Be like LiveJasmin, and It Comes Close

Before I start explaining why is an adult webcam which, in my very humble yet informed opinion, you should try put, I want to tell you a thing or two about the runner ups. The runner ups of the live sex cam industry are usually large websites, but not huge ones, that have some hot and some lukewarm women and that have okay prices and okay platform. These adult webcam sites are vital for the industry. They offer variety, they keep the two or three best webcam sites on their toes and they sometime manage to provide something that the leading XXX cam portals of the industry fail to achieve: Casual fun. is exactly one of these websites. It's great without being the absolute best and it doesn't take any sex chat or any camgirl too seriously. This is an easygoing amateur webcam arena where you can watch some fantastic amateur porn shows without paying more than you should. The big boob amateurs that you will meet here may not all look like professional model, but this just makes them feel real – and before you ask: Yes! That last statement also includes their orgasms. Does manage to be a premium, classy, top-notch video chat portal like LiveJasmin? No, but it definitely comes close.

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