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Whether you are a savy investor sitting on a pile of bitcoins, or you've happened upon a few, or even a part of one coin, you all have one thing in common... to save or to spend!


If you are a newbie, and don't yet have bitcoin. Don't worry. While you are waiting to acquire some, there are other ways to pay that don't involve a credit card or a bank wire. Please read my article on using PayPal to pay for live cam sex.

For users who already have bitcoin, you're all set!

Always early adopters of cutting edge internet technologies, the adult industry has been fast to move on making bitcoin available. Here is my list of the best live cam sex websites that have made it possible to pay with bitcoin.

A Digital Playground For Your Digital Currency at

LiveJasmin's level of excellence in product and service puts them at the top my list. Every webcam site has something to brag about, something that distinguishes them from the others. With LiveJasmin, it's the streaming quality of their shows, and the gorgeous models they house. There are no standard definition cameras here. The minimum broadcast quality they offer streams in at HD720p, with most cams showing at HD1080p. Though they do have some amateur sex cams on the site, most performers are all dolled up and are working out of studios in professional looking settings. Comparatively, they are priced very fairly. You will find some popular and veteran girls asking for more in their private chat, but on the average, you can expect to pay $3.60 a minute.


Pay with bitcoin for glamourous models at

Buying Credits at LiveJasmin:

  1. Go to Get Credits at top of page, or Buy Credits in the video player.
  2. Select Payment Methods found under the credit packages list.
  3. Choose the Bitcoin option from the list given,
  4. or, if you are using an alternative crypto, you'll see a list of the top 50 most popular Altcoins.
  5. Choose the credit package you would like to purchase.
  6. You'll return to the list of cryptocurrencies to select Bitcoin.
  7. LiveJasmin will direct you to the BTC confirmation page.

The Best Bitcoin Webcam Sites Ranked and Their Average 1-on-1 Chat Costs

RankWebcam SiteMinimum BuyRecurring ChargesAvg. Private Chat Cost*$31.99None$3.60/min$50.00$39.95 30-Day VIP (optional)$4.76/min$31.99None$3.60/min$12.00$19.95 monthly (optional)$4.00/min$44.00$19.95 monthly (optional)$1.78/min$2.75None$4.14/min$5.00None$2.20/min

*The average Private Chat cost is calculated from a survey of new, popular, and favored models in one-on-one chats.

Advantages, Benefits, and Notes on using Bitcoin Webcam Sites

  • Privacy - Bitcoin purchases are discrete. Your transactions are never associated with you personal identity. Like a cash-only transaction, your purchases cannot be traced back to you. Your anonymity is secure.
  • Security - No more worries that your information will be confiscated and misused. Credit cards and bank account numbers are fixed. With bitcoin, the anonymous address that is generated for each purchase changes with each transaction.
  • Savings - Some cam sites listed here are offering a better rate for their website currency than they do with other payment methods. There are essentially no transactions fees to absorb, so those savings are passed on to you.
  • The current volatility of bitcoin does make it somewhat of a gamble when spending it. What you spend today, could be worth twice as much some time soon in the future. But it could also be worth half as much too, so why not blow it on cheap pleasure thrills.
  • Given the current climate in the market, these webcams sites have to be fast to adjust their rates in accordance with the value of your cryptocurrencies. So, expect to see periodic price adjustments.

A Whole Wide World of Ways To Pay With Bitcoin at

Flirt4Free is like walking through a big mall that only has all the stores you like to shop at. In regard to the types of shows and the number of interactive video chat features that are available on most sites, these guys hold the crown for the most offerings available in one location. With so many show types, like: semi-private sex cams, combo sex chats, multi-user sex shows, voyeur sex chat, groups sex cam show, party chats, themed porn shows, and more, it's somewhat difficult to pin down exactly what you may expect to spend on the site. It will depend on what an individual member is looking for. If it's the simple fare of one-on-one private chats, you'll see shows from $1.00 to $12.00 a minute, with the average chat for bitcoin cam girls coming in at $4.76 a minute.


Pay with bitcoins for nude cam girls at

Getting Your Credits at Flirt4Free:

  1. Click on the Buy Credits button the top left of the homepage.
  2. Find the link that says, 'Want to use a different payment type?' Click it, and choose Bitcoin.
  3. Select the credit package you want with the Buy Now button.
  4. Flirt 4 Free directs you to your bitcoin wallet, to complete the transaction.
  • Additionally, if you click your username, you'll reach the payment page.
  • In your membership profile, go to Billing, a sub-menu appears, then go to Add Payment Account.
  • A new page appears, choose Pay By Bitcoin.
  • Your last option, is to select Buy Credits at top right hand of a page when in a videochat.
  • The videochat stays open and a payment box opens on the same page.
  • Go to Different Payment Method, then select Bitcoin.

Private Sex Chat Paid For Directly From Your Digital Wallet -

LivePrivates is on a mission to bring every hot girl you've ever dreamed about and make it a virtual reality. And what better way to pay for your digital experience than with your digital currency. If you've spent any time on any other cam site, then you'll immediately feel the difference at Live Privates. Their models are all glam and sophistication, and their video streaming quality puts many other cam sites to shame. The minimum camera quality permitted is HD720p. You won't find any third rate webcams shows here. What you get is a quality product that won't break your digital wallet. While some models can cost more, the average rate you can expect to fork over is around $3.60 a minute. Currently Live Privates is set up to accept two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, or Litecoin.


Bitcoin cam girls in online sex chat at

Getting Credits at LivePrivates:

  1. Go to the Get Credits link at the top right of the homepage, or anywhere you see 'get credits'.
  2. You'll see a list of all the Payment Methods. Choose Bitcoin,
  3. or, if you have Etherium, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, or any other from the top 50 Altcoins, select here.
  4. Next, you'll be presented with all the credit packages available. Make your choice.
  5. Then choose Bitcoin, and Live Privates will direct you to the BTC confirmation page.

Bitcoin Sex Cams are Anonymous, Fast, and Secure at

Cams brings to the world of webcams a long and seasoned story. They were one of the original big cams sites, only to be overshadowed by other big players, like LiveJasmin and Flirt4Free, when they moved fast in bringing top-notch innovation and design to there webcam sites. For awhile, Cams was slow to move and improve upon themselves. But it wasn't long before they realized they had to up their game if they wanted to last. And so they did. Today, Cams is one of the most exciting sites online. I mostly appreciate their focus on showcasing where all their cam models are from. They put a big emphasis on the nationality of their models. If you are looking for girls from a particular part of the world, you'll have an easy time doing it here. Another of the great site features, are the Fan Clubs they have set up for each performer. In addition to buying the Tokens packages, you can pay for Fan Club entrance with your bitcoin, and get access to exclusive content produced by that model. Fan Clubs are an optional $14.99 a month, and get you discounted private chat rates, while the average price for private rooms will run you near $4.00 a minute.


Pay with bitcoin for horny webcam girls at

Getting Tokens at Cams:

  1. The Plus symbol at the top right of the homepage will take you to the payments page.
  2. Choose a tokens package, then select the Bitcoin payment option.
  3. When ready, click the Continue button and you'll be taken to a pre-confirmation page.
  4. Enter your email address and Continue to your digital wallet.

Pay With Bitcoin for Girls to Strip and Get Wild at

Chaturbate is a freemium site where the performers are always on. At any given time you'll be bombarded with girls fingering themselves or playing with sex toys. Many rooms have couples broadcasting their fuck sessions. On the more obscure side of things, you'll see some hottie in her panties vacuuming, doing the dishes, or just waxing philosophically. The imagination has no bounds with these performers. Most of the featured and more popular performers will have hundreds, if not thousands of viewers in their open chat rooms at any given time. They are performing for the masses and working for tips. Most of the rooms won't permit you to send a chat message, if you aren't holding tokens. And if you want to join in on the tipping, to get yourself noticed, then you'll need to purchase some tokens. If you find a girl you'd like to take into a private show, and she accepts, then you can expect to pay an average rate of about $1.78 a minute.


Hot amateur bitcoin cam girls at

Getting Tokens at Chaturbate:

  1. Once you have signed-up, you go to the Get More link found top right hand of any page.
  2. A pop-up window opens. It's default is set on credit card, change it to Bitcoin.
  3. The minimum purchase is 500 tokens.The maximum buy is 20,000.
  4. Click the link to Continue to payment page, and process through your digital wallet.

Fun and Flirty Digital Babes Accepting Digital Currency at

BongaCams is a cool amateur webcam site that feels more relaxed than other sites. Each girl seems to have their own thing going on. Or their own way to hang out in their chat room and do what they do. On the more polished sites, the glammed up models are often just stoically sitting in front of their webcam looking pretty, waiting to go into a private chat. While other sites, like Chaturbate, see the performers in some kind of constant state of orgasm. At Bonga Cams, it's kind of a mix of both. You'll see some models in turtleneck sweaters in the free chat, that will only strip down in private. And in the next room you'll see some horny gal pinching her nipples while a vibrating toy is half way up her cooter. Of note, is their minimum buy in. If you just want a few tokens for tipping in the open chat rooms, then you can get a package for as low as $2.75. But, you'll need a little more than that if you want to go into a private chat, with rates averaging $4.14 a minute. They also are set up to work with any of a number of cryptocurrencies, including: Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. At last count, I logged about 60 different digital currencies they are ready to process.


Hot cam girls on bitcoin webcam sites like

Buying Your Tokens at BongaCams:

  1. Click on the Buy Tokens button from the top of any page on the site.
  2. A pop-up window appears. Choose Bitcoin from the payment methods.
  3. A list of cryptocurrencies appears. Be sure Bitcoin is selected, and enter amount of tokens wanted.
  4. Minimum purchase amount is 20 tokens, maximum is 10,000 tokens.
  5. You'll get redirected to a new page, where you'll select to Proceed.

Budget Babes For When Bitcoin Takes a Tumble -

XLoveCam is an affordable option if you are more resource conscious. They have a collection of cam girls that I affectionately call, budget babes. Maybe these girls can't get onto other top-tier cam sites because they might not meet some set of standards; whether it be stereotypical beauty, or camera quality. The way I see it, is that XLove Cam is an honest site, with a lot of entertaining and hard working cam girls, but they just don't have the polish and shine to their experience that other sites do. Which is fair. Not everyone can stand on top. Some have to live on the rungs down below where the freaks live. Theirs, is a unique offering for those with distinct tastes. So, check them out. Give them a shot. This won't empty your cryptocurrency stash. And the minimum buy in is cheap too, at $5.00, with 1-on-1 chats averaging $2.20 a minute.


Bitcoin cam girls in live nude shows at

Securing Your Credits at XLoveCam:

  1. Click on the Add Credits button found on the top of any page.
  2. Choose the Bitcoin payment option. Before you click, if you hover over, you'll see credit packages offered.
  3. Decide which credit package you want to purchase.
  4. You'll digital wallet options will open. Choose, and proceed.

The Way Of The Future

You saw it coming before most any one else did. You had your ear to ground and you heard the rumbling. Many thought you were wasting your time and money. But you knew something big was going on and you didn't want to miss out. If you acquired your bitcoins in the early years, then you are sitting pretty. Whether you invested a little or a lot, you have watched your original holdings grow in a fortune, small or large.

Or maybe, you are a newbie, like most holders of the famed cryptocurrency, and you are excited to get involved in this new transactional method of buying and selling.

Cryptocurrencies are Creeping In

What was once the domain of credit card companies, and banks, cryptocurrencies are pushing themselves to the forefront of online transactions. This peer-to-peer exchange for products and services, is more and more becoming a preferred and certifiable method of payment. While all the sites I've covered in my article accept Bitcoin, I've also noted where some are also accepting Litecoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, or any of the other widely used cryptos. If you happen to be a user of any of the other Top 50 cryptocurrencies that you want to spend on a webcam experience, then don't miss Bongacams, LiveJasmin, or Live Privates. They've each got a list of close to 60 that they are set up with.

A Perfect Match - Bitcoin and Adult Webcams

It's the anonymity, the speed, and the security of transactions that has made bitcoin such a success. It's the unshackling of the chains that big banks, and governmental regulators, have had on us for so long now. Finally we are free to make deals without some great overseer peeking in and pocketing a 'transaction fee'.

The Internet economy is the perfect system for bitcoin to thrive in. And who has been leading the way with adoption of the most cutting edge internet technologies of this century? The online adult industry has been at the forefront in adopting and implementing some of the most exciting and challenging new technologies.

If you made me choose just one webcam site to spend my bitcoins at, it would have to be LiveJasmin. I'm simply a big fan of dolled up babes in lipstick and high heels. And the quality of the high definition webcams is hard to compete with. Though, you obviously have your own tastes. If LiveJasmin isn't your thing, then check out any other site in my list here. They all come with my strong recommendation.


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