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When MyFreeCams.com first launched it sex chat services a few years back, the world was bewildered. After being told, for such a long time, that you have to pay for live sex shows and that there is always a price for nude chats, it was quite a shock to discover that it wasn't actually accurate. I mean, we all heard about free chat rooms, of course we did, but after chatting for just a few times you had to realize that they didn't show a lot of what you wanted to see. The sexy camgirls were responsive and sweet, but they kept their clothes on and XXX didn’t take place before you started paying for a 1-on-1 session.


On My Free Cams though, things were very different. All of the pubic chat rooms were naked and naughty and free. You needed to tip from time to time if you wanted attention from the performer, but there was no obligation to tip and many guys just sat and enjoyed the show. It is only natural, therefore, that soon after men started looking for adult webcam sites like MyFreeCams – ones that allowed you to enjoy naked performances without paying – or while paying very, very little. Are there such websites or is this hot chat community one of a kind? I invite you to view the list below and I am sure that you will encounter some wonderful alternatives.

Chaturbate.com is a Legit Webcam Copycat, in a Good Way


When I first started composing this list, I had no doubt that the first website I will review has got to be Chaturbate.com. why? Because this ain't my first rodeo and I already know that one of the best things about Chaturbate.com is that it's kind of a copycat – following MyFreeCams' footsteps and providing nude chat rooms for no cost. This is a splendid experience. You join, you begin to explore the video chats and ultimately you end up staying on the one you like the most. Then you watch a horny beauty strip – sometime there are even two at once, and as long as someone tips, the fun continues. Now it is very important to state the obvious: Live nude shows are always public, and as such are hardly as amazing as private sex chats. You won't get a lot of attention, unless you are a very frequent tipper, and if you are, sometime you may as well just book a 1-on-1 chat and enjoy the webcam model's exclusive attention. If you want to continue reading about this sexcam site's option, my Chaturbate review will offer you the full and extended details. If you prefer to be the judge, just join – I think it's the best way to draw conclusions anyway.

Enjoy Free or Very Cheap Amateur Porn Chat on BongaCams


BongaCams looks like a special website, but it actually works the same as most other adult chat communities in the industry. The fact is that when you enter it for the first time, you might get confused and feel that you have wondered off to an adult dating site, but this is not really the case. The amateur webcams are just what they are – regular chat rooms where amateur women, or swingers or lesbians, perform live for users' enjoyment, and in many cases the nude shows are free, as long as someone tips. The atmosphere inside the public chat rooms is exactly like My Free Cams, which is kind of a mess. There are many guys, everyone wants to be heard and the excitement levels climb way up, so unless you're a bit tipper, it will be very difficult to communicate with the camgirl. The live sex shows are hardcore though – and free, so really, maybe I'm complaining for nothing. You can always decide that you need some privacy and book a private nude web cam session – it's more expensive, but still goes for a very good price. For additional info about the memberships, prices and features, view my BongaCams review and for instant hardcore webcam sex, simply visit the site, right now.

LiveJasmin.com Has Stunning Nude Shows for Very Low Price


Live Jasmin is the exceptional addition to this list, but this does not mean that it doesn't belong here. I am sure that I don’t need to explain the history of this remarkable service, which many people claim to be the best webcam choice in the industry. LiveJasmin.com includes thousands of live models – Asian, blonde, Ebony, Latin, lesbian, fetish and anything in between. All of the webcam models look like actual models, and many are, and many of them perform from European studios, so they have the newest web cameras, so the image never freezes or becomes foggy. LiveJasmin's unique platform provides an unbelievable viewing experience, smooth interface and the highest quality of live streaming. All of these things though, don’t explain why it's on this list. How could such a premium, professional portal be compared with the naughty amateurs on My Free Cams? The reason for the inclusion of this adult webcam site is that its free chat rooms are exquisite and while you won’t get to see full nudity, the talented webcam babes will get you to the edge – and at times even beyond. After trying out a few such unforgettable free chats, and I think that you will agree that LiveJasmin.com should be here. Need some more details before you commit? The full review page will provide you with plenty of useful info.

Sexier.com: Free Pornstar Shows and Cheap Nude Webcam


I have no idea why I decided to close the list with Sexier.com, but it certainly wasn't because it's the last on my rating. Maybe it's more like: End with a high note or just a result of me choosing randomly who I want to review, but in any event, Sexier.com has a lot of features that makes it similar to My Free Cams. First of all, it is also an amateur webcam chat community and it also markets itself as a platform where people can come to have a goodtime, even while they're not watching live porn shows. There aren’t as many features as you'll find on the website that inspired this particular list, but there is still a nice selection and people seem to be enjoying themselves. The main focus though is the price: For one of the leading adult cam sites in the business, average cost is extremely low. Nude shows start from 0.20 per minute, with some member discounts included, and you will always have opportunities to chat with hot naked amateurs for a dollar or less. If you need further persuasion, let's discuss the free pornstar shows which take place on live webcams every month and display some of the hottest female porn stars in the world – for FREE. Sounds unbelievable right? Start believing and if you still don’t, visit Sexier.com and get your proof.

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