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I have always been an easygoing fella, if you don’t mind me saying so myself. I like to make people happy, I really do, and after years of writing these adult webcam reviews I already know what makes my readers most happy: Free sex cams. Now, it is important to say the obvious (some of you may be new to this industry): Not every website that says it has free sex chat actually mean what it says. In like 90 percent of the time, or even more, what you get is access to free video chat rooms where a fully clothed camgirl will flirt and play with you, but nothing naughty will happen. Then there are wonderful and incredible sexcam sites like Chaturbate, where you can watch nude webcam shows and only have to tip, or sit tight while other men tip.


It's fun, cheap and totally unforgettable, but these websites are rare, so rare, that many of my readers ended up wasting a lot of time searching with no results to show for their efforts. No more. I am here to make sure that any guy who wants to enjoy a nude cam show could do so with easy and I have a secret list of websites that will let you do just that – or almost that, or kind of that - please don’t get too fussy. In any case, I can assure you that all of the sex cam services below are excellent choices with hot, beautiful camgirls. Check out your mouthwatering options and you'll have the time of your life on XXX cams.

MyFreeCams.com Has Plenty of Free Sex Shows


If you would have come to me a few years ago and suggested that you found an adult cam site that offered free nude webcams, I would have laughed. On a bad day, I might have even called you liars. The whole notion of allowing guys to watch live sex shows for free sounded absurd. If they don’t have to pay for boobs, why would they pay at all? Well, the surprising answer is that they will and do pay for extra and even during free naked chats, they pay to get attention, AKA – tip. The first ever website to develop this model was My Free Cams – a fantastic video chat community where amateurs spend time day and night and when I say spend time, I don’t just mean have webcam sex. They joke, tease, chitchat and basically hang out the way you would in some bar or a party. Then they go inside the chat rooms, watch live sex shows without paying and if they feel like something a bit more intense, they invite a live camgirl to a private session and hope that she'll say yes. Want to know more? Make your way to the MyFreeCams review page. Want to start exploring those free nude shows? The MyFreeCams amateurs await you, 24/7.

Chat for Free, but Remember to Tip on BongaCams.com


Let's say you sit at home and bored and there's nothing good on TV and you think "wouldn’t be nice to watch a webcam strip show, like right now?" Then you remember you have no spare cash, like none, but you still want to watch that striptease – what can you do? Well, considering that this article deals with sites like Chaturbate and that I have already introduced you to the spectacular MyFreeCams, I am sure you can guess where I'm heading: BongaCams, a free nude webcam site where members get to enjoy live cam shows with no expense. Well, as always, I say this and then I feel a bit stupid – because obviously there are tips and you have to tip, at least a bit, if you want to be noticed. You might be thinking: Fuck it, I'll just watch without tipping, and to a degree, this is an okay strategy, as long as you can keep your mouth shut. If you start commenting (and you will, because you will get excited), eventually you will get the camgirl angry and she will block you. So tip – you don’t need to do it often, but you know, enough to leave a good impression and prove that you're not looking for a free meal.

LiveJasmin.com Has an Even Better Platform than Chaturbate.com


The secret to a great live sex show is not just a hot woman, although she is important, or even the right mood. What is really vital is that the website you're using will offer an advanced platform that will assure that you could chat and watch the live striptease without the picture freezing or disconnecting at any point. There is nothing more annoying than ending up looking for chat rooms and getting stuck because none of the links work properly or the image looks all grainy or you just can’t figure out how to find the webcam model that you happen to be looking for. The first requirement of a good live sex cam site is to have not just a reasonable, but an outstanding platform and clearly, Chaturbate.com has one – and it's one of the things that make this website so popular worldwide. Well, if you were fully impressed by the webcam chat platform provided by Chaturbate.com – and personally I was just blown by it when I first visited this site, than just wait until you start chatting with the busty camgirls that perform on LiveJasmin – and the sensational chat platform that they use. If you don’t believe me, you can just go to LiveJasmin and check out the scene yourself – I have absolutely no doubt that you will be amazed by the camgirls, the search tools, the features and the smooth, perfect streaming.

Sexier.com is an Almost-free Adult Webcam Site


With free membership, free standard chat rooms and nude chat rooms that start from 0.20 per minute, Sexier.com may not be a 100% free adult webcam site but seriously, it comes very close. Members get a lot of benefits and freebees and when I mean a lot, I mean it. It's like this webcam chat community wants to make you feel special, by treating you to bonuses and sexy gifts on a regular basis. Want an example? Sure thing. Every month or so Sexier.com conducts a special event where a famous female porn star performs live on webcam. The really amazing fact though is that this pornstar show is totally free for members, meaning that you get a live one hour chat with a genuine porn goddess for zero expense. Now, I don’t know if you are excited to learn this, or even care, but I assure you that I have also never missed a free sex show on this website. I am not going to waste any more of my time or yours – if you don’t already get that this is a spectacular webcam site, you can go read my full Sexier.com review. If you already got my point, simply join and start chatting – and no need for gratitude. This is my private project, or hobby even, and I am always happy to be of assistance.

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